Do Science and Scripture Conflict?

 Science and Scripture, Dr. Jerry Nelson, Most Bible students make a distinction between “general” revelation (a knowledge of God found in what he has created) and “special” revelation (a knowledge of God found supremely in his Son and recorded in Scripture).  R.C. Sproul makes an important distinction between the true knowledge of God revealed in […]

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Assurance of Salvation

Assurance of Salvation

How can God have anything to do with the likes of me (or you)? Do you know yourself so well you sometimes doubt your relationship with God? Is assurance of our relationship with God possible?  In Zechariah 3 we read: “…Joshua the high priest (was) standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan (was) […]

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Forgiveness – Power to Change the Past


“The basis of God’s forgiveness of me is the substitutionary death of Jesus. The basis of my forgiveness of my brother who sins against me is that same substitutionary death of Jesus. Who am I to suggest that the death of Jesus is insufficient to pay for my brother’s sin against sinful me, when at […]

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Second Thoughts on Cremation


I am a pragmatist and thus cremation of the dead has seemed to me to be the sensible way to avoid the cost and sometimes macabre aspects of funerals. My mother, though well-schooled in the reality of decay and the theology of resurrection, said she wanted to be buried, not cremated, because she wanted Jesus […]

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Would Jesus be welcome in our Public Schools?

Jesus at School

The February 2, 2011 CBS Los Angeles website ( carried the story of a 10-year-old boy who, as part of his school’s talent show, wanted to do an interpretive dance to a song that included the word Jesus. The principal reportedly told the boy’s mother that the song was “offensive” and violated the separation of […]

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