The Case of the “Two-Loves” Husband

A friend, a member and leader in your church, admits he is having an adulterous “affair” with a co-worker. He loves the woman and refuses to disengage from the illicit relationship but he also loves his wife and doesn’t want to hurt her or the children. His wife does NOT know and he wishes to retain both relationships.   What would you do?

The Case of the Divorcee’s Late Conversion

man thinkingA woman left the church and her Christian husband while engaging in several “affairs.”  She rejected the faith, pursued her promiscuous ways and, unwilling to reconcile, divorced her husband.

Two years later the divorced husband met and was engaged to a Christian woman. During the same time, unknown to him, his ex-wife was marvelously converted.  Her life witnessed to her repentance.  Not knowing he was remarrying, she contacted him and asked his forgiveness and for reconciliation.  The man came asking what he should do. What would you advise?

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